The Cup of Excellence is expanding its education program into new markets with the Coffee Knowledge Hub

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Cup of Excellence (CoE) and the Coffee Knowledge Hub (CKH) have formed a global partnership to deliver the CoE Sensory Education Training courses. The CKH is supporting the CoE to expand its education program into new markets.

Cup of Excellence is using this global partnership with the Coffee Knowledge Hub to increase the global population of skilled coffee tasters. It will expand its education presence in East Asia, grow the class list in Europe, and facilitate the move into new markets such as Australia. This partnership between CoE and the CKH will continue to build on the success of the SET program which trains cuppers to accurately score unique and high-quality coffee.

Alex Pond, the Education Manager for the CoE, highlights that the CoE is excited to use the CKH platform to grow their new Sensory Education Training (SET), programme.  “It is a unique programme giving cuppers across the globe the chance to learn and calibrate around a set of coffees specially sourced from CoE winning farmers, award winning roasters, and industry leading importers.”

“We hope this partnership will continue to build on the success of the SET program; training cuppers how to accurately score unique and high quality coffee, increasing the global population of skilled coffee tasters,” said Darrin Daniels, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the non-profit organisation that runs the CoE competitions. “Proceeds from the sale of these courses support our work at origin and help us promote outstanding coffees.”

The first virtual course, starting May 7, is now sold out. Coffee samples are being shipped worldwide in time for the course. The next scheduled course is August 13. However, a July date is also being planned due to high demand. The courses are being taught by Scott Conary, a CoE head judge and industry leader.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the CKH platform to facilitate the important work of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence” Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of the Simonelli Group, who launched the CKH platform this March. “The Hub is founded on a belief in growth mindset as well as the value of connection, of sharing insights, experience and practice. This partnership with the CoE highlights the potential of the platform to expand the reach of coffee education”.



The CKH is an all-new platform where the coffee community can learn, connect and discover the latest education, research and trends in the coffee industry. The CKH is a tool for coffee professionals to evolve their coffee careers. Through partnerships with industry leading providers, it is increasing accessibility to high-quality education and programmes. The courses are delivered online and through a network of training centres globally. The CKH brings leading researchers and trainers together to share their knowledge and skills.

About Alliance for Coffee Excellence & Cup of Excellence®

Alliance for Coffee Excellence is a non-profit global membership organization dedicated to advancing excellence in coffee. Cup of Excellence, a program which gives out the most prestigious award in coffee, has affected thousands of farmers. Its unmatched focus on quality discovery, farmer premiums and transparency has changed the specialty coffee industry.

Sensory Education Training, or SET, is a gateway to COE knowledge gathered over our 20-year history. The Sensory Education events are a fantastic opportunity for students wanting to improve their sensory skills and technical skills. Students will learn to evaluate coffee with greater accuracy, consistency, and confidence, while also building relationships among fellow members of the global coffee community. The SET classes are instructed by official CoE head judges and SET instructors

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