SET Instructors

  • Jesús Salazar
    Jesús Salazar

    Former philosopher and physician, Jesús lives in the highlands of Chiapas (Mex) in a coffee region rich in culture and nature giving him a very unique and interesting perspective about coffee and high quality standards.
    Jesús is the founder of Cafeólogo and Cafeología, a personal and institutional brand respectively, and became part of CoE family trough National Jury in 2014 and since then has participated as national and international judge during CoE competitions.
    He defines his mission as the challenge to develop high quality coffee and coffee lives trough the perfect match of ethics and aesthetics. He is also a processing instructor for CQI.
    As CEO of Cafeología, actually works with 150 small farmers in Chiapas in a company dedicated to roasting, exporting and coffee education.
    Languages: Spanish, English.

  • Scott Conary
    Scott Conary

    As owner of award-winning cafes & wholesale roastery, Carrboro Coffee Roasters; in Chapel Hill, NC (USA); Scott has had many opportunities to travel, teach and learn about coffee production, process, selection, roasting, retail and quality trends for the last 20+ years. Scott’s background as a Research Scientist for 20+ years in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries gives him an ideal background as an active educator in the industry in most all disciplines, and consults for cafes and businesses nationally and around the world for technical skill, knowledge, and competitions. He serves as a World Coffee Events Representative and Certified Head Judge for the World Coffee Championships for the last 16 years, and is also an instructor for the WCE Judge Certification program.  Scott sits on multiple WCE and SCA Committees and has been active as a member of the CQI Coffee Corp. He has been involved in the Cup of Excellence Program since 2007 and a Head Judge for the last 6 years. Scott has been teaching the ACE Sensory Education Training (SET) courses in locations around the world, helping coffee professionals to improve their sensory & coffee evaluation skills.

  • Alex Pond
    Alex Pond Head Judge & Sr. Education Manager

    Alex started in coffee in 2005, working as a barista in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon. In 2009 he competed in and won the Northwest Regional Barista Competition. Alex has worked guest barista shifts in Iceland and Sweden and has volunteered for numerous national and international coffee events, including the Nordic Barista Cup, as a USBC Judge. In 2012 Alex joined the team at Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters. Over nearly six years at Heart, Alex directed their training programs, managed quality control, and worked as part of the green buying team.

    Alex enjoys travel, Oregon’s incredible natural beauty, and Cats. He is also a pretty good cook.

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