Logo Use

The Cup of Excellence® word mark and logo are protected by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc.

The Cup of Excellence® individual country logo may be used to sell only coffee that has been selected by the International Jury during the final competition.

The individual country logo is not a farm certification, it is a coffee quality certification and, as such, is to be used only to sell the exact number of boxes of the exact coffee lot that was submitted and held at the competition. This logo should be printed, or otherwise shown, on the boxes containing the winning lots before shipment to the buyer.

The award certificate with the individual country logo and the farm name will always include a specific year designating when the lot was selected.

The general Cup of Excellence® wordmark or logo can be used for general marketing and promotion purposes on all printed, Internet and other materials deemed necessary to create awareness and interest in the Cup of Excellence® program. It can also be used on training materials to increase information about the Cup of Excellence® program, but neither the general logo nor the words can be used to sell a coffee that has not been selected by the International Jury in the Cup of Excellence® program for that year.

A farm or mill that has had a coffee lot win the Cup of Excellence® award may display the official award certificate or trophy containing the individual country logo. This certificate or trophy will indicate that a particular lot from a particular year from their farm or mill was selected as a winning Cup of Excellence® coffee. A farmer can promote that a lot from the winning farm won a cup of Excellence® award in that particular year but he/she cannot promote any other future coffee as being a winner, unless that particular coffee lot is selected by the international jury.

The buyer of the winning lot may use the individual country logo to sell only this coffee to his/her customers. The buyer may use the individual country logo with the winning farm name on marketing materials to indicate that his/her company was a successful bidder/buyer and has a particular Cup of Excellence® coffee for that particular year available for sale. A coffee being sold with the Cup of Excellence® words or logo shall remain unblended.

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