NW Rules & Protocols



  • All Cup of Excellence competition rules apply
  • Coffees scoring 86+ points by the national jury will be cupped and scored by the international jury to determine eligibility for either the Cup of Excellence or National winner auction. No more than 40 coffees will be cupped by the international jury. The top 30 coffees scoring 87+ by the international jury will be Cup of Excellence winners. Coffees scoring 85+ at any round of the international jury will be eligible for ACE National Winner auction. Coffees scoring below 85 points or defective coffees will not be considered.
  • National Winners will be listed on the ACE website as National Winners.


  • National Winners will be offered for sale at a separate online platform auction on the ACE site.
  • Scores will be posted on the website along with varietal, processing and lot size.
  • The minimum price will be agreed upon for those coffees scoring 85-85.99 at $3.50 per lbs USD and for those scoring 86+ at $4.00 per lbs USD.


  • Samples of the National Winner coffees will be prepared to the same standards as the Cup of Excellence samples.
  • Samples will be sent to eligible registered ACE supporters and members.


  • National Winner coffees may be held in Parchment then milled to SCAA specialty standards and typically shipped in grain pro bags. The buyers will be charged .03 per lbs. for the grain pro bags. National Winner coffees can be vacuum packed if requested. Vacuum packing fee of .20 per lbs and any unpacking/repacking fees will be charged to buyer. Any extra fees for special treatment or documentation will be borne by the buyer. National Winner coffees will be sold on a separate auction as the COE coffees.
  • National Winner coffees can be bulked- shipped with COE coffees at the buyer’s request.


  • A separate logo will differentiate the National Winners from the Cup of Excellence winners.
  • Buyers will be able to use the National Winners logo to help sell the coffees. Only buyers purchasing from the online platform will be able to use the logo. Farmers may use the logo to indicate coffee from their farm received this award during a specific year.
  • ACE will instruct the buyers and promote the sale of the National Winning Coffees.
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