Cup of Excellence: Sensory Educational Training 2018 Monte Cerignone, Italy


Fee for Non-Member: $1595
COE Members: $1345
Flight and Hotel stays not included. Lunch to be provided during each day.
WHEN: October 9-12, 2018
WHERE: Comune Di Monte Cerignone: Piazza Clementina, 10, 61010 Monte Cerignone PU, Italy
(Airport options are Remini or Bologna)
INSTRUCTOR: Danny Pang, Barista’s Craft

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SET will take place in a castle situated in the historic town of Monte Cerignone, Italy.
Classes will begin at 9:00 and finish at 4:30 pm with an hour break for lunches, which will be provided. Be prepared to experience Cup of Excellence (COE). You’ll cup many different coffees, processes and cultivars, practice logistics and cupping protocol of a COE cupping, take an exam just like National Jury sensory professionals. This will show you how you are calibrated with the rest of the jury as well as your sensory confidence with samples that are representative score.
The first two days we focus on COE cupping, the protocol of identifying qualities, identifying common flavor attributes, scoring and a common language. We then will advance to expose all participants to technical approach on our quality variables, different varietals and some common defects. Session include lab, lecture and active discussions at the end of each session. We will also provide coffees from other countries for you to taste and learn; processed naturals and honeys/pulped naturals & varieties, etc.
We’ll be actively standing during cupping and seated for discussions so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Absolutely no use of perfume or cologne allowed. Lunches to be provided. Classes are taught in English with a translator provided.
Please bring with you a notebook and if you like, samples of your roasted beans. We’ll have a session of blind cupping of all coffees brought by participants. You’ll have the opportunity to see other coffees from other attendees. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion, scoring statistics of how well they did and a Cup of Excellence spoon. Within three weeks you will be provided the results of your tests via email.
This experience is intended to share with you the Cup of Excellence program, improve your cupping and sensory evaluation skills and to also share with others in a jury setting. This is the best way to learn and calibrate your sensory skills. Thank you for joining us!
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