What We Do For Specialty Coffee Sustainability

Cup of Excellence is

The Premier Coffee Competition and Quality Standard


Cup of Excellence Enhances
Quality Infrastructure

  • Competition motivates creation of greater volumes of higher premium coffees in a producing countries thus leading to enhancing the value of specialty coffee exports in often poor nations.
  • Transparency to the farm supports increase in overall economic development and financial reward for  families, communities, and entire regions.
  • Economic enhancement for quality maintains family structure on the farm and lessens the need to move to the city for employment.
  • Workers enjoy greater benefits as higher quality requires a stable and skilled labor force
  • Long term quality necessitates environmental stewardship-winning farmers and other indirect beneficiaries can focus on sustainable farming practices. 
  • Farmers and mills adapt rigid physical standards researched and required by Cup of Excellence thus improving the viability and value of all quality coffees.
  • Protection of winning coffees has resulted in advances in shipping and packing procedures for unique smaller lots.
  • Quality determination of higher producing or disease resistant experimental varieties is critical to farming sustainability. 
  • Excitement and awareness supports in-country specialty coffee consumption and retail coffeehouses.

Creates Long Term Sustainability
for Country’s Specialty Coffee Economy

  • Trained National cuppers with Improved Career potential
  • Quality Selection, Roasting and Cupping preparation up to Int’l standards
  • Identification of and help solving specific quality issues
  • Competition process gives farmers- exporters- importers feedback on many unknown coffees and regions- every country has discovered unknown regions.
  • Regional Appellation Development
  • Teaches Farmers and Countries About Marketplace Demands
  • Personnel skill required for the competition augment the level of knowledge and technical capacity for the producing country coffee industry.
  • Indirect benefits to COE countries add millions of additional dollars to their coffee farmers due to quality increased premium trade and quality improvement.
  • Head Judges, staff and volunteer international cuppers share vocabulary, problem solving and business knowledge thus improving the ability to operate effectively in an international trade environment.
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