What We Do For Coffee Farmers

Winning Cup of Excellence

Changes Farmer’s Lives Forever


The COE Competition Process

  • Educates farmers on the value of their coffee and helps build cutting edge skills.
  • Recognizes and rewards individual farmers and brings them out of the shadows 
  • Supports quality development and processing experimentation
  • Generates an economic windfall from the COE auction
  • Causes increase in demand for other coffee produced on a winning farm
  • Reduces blending of top quality coffees
  • Creates motivation for young generation to bring advanced knowledge back to the farm
  • Builds awareness and recognition allowing for long term business relationships  
  • Improves quality and builds awareness for entire micro-region
  • Discovers new regional flavor profiles and supports appellation development
  • Teaches farmers about marketplace quality requirements 
  • Identifies and helps solve quality problems
  • Determines value of experimental processing and varieties
  • Increases governmental support of coffee farmers

Producers Reap Huge
Financial Reward for their Winning Coffees

  • Direct payment from Auction is an economic windfall and leads to greater farm improvements in quality and development. Over the past 20 years, the COE auctions have garnered over $60 million in revenues to thousands of coffee farmers
  • Recognition from winning any place in the competition changes a farmer’s life forever and positively affects the entire micro region
  • Buyers visit winners and their neighbors to develop long-term business relationships for greater volume of premium coffee
  • Required Transparency to individual farmers and Access to the competition levels the economic playing field and allows all farmers regardless of size to benefit.
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